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Fighting for a better, stronger, more prosperous Nigeria


Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

Nigeria arise for your light has come. I want to believe that we are entering into a new era in Nigeria, and my believe is informed by the operations of God’s dealings. By these dealings of God, I see a new and great nation Nigeria ahead of us. A Nigeria that one can leave for the next generation and be rest assured that things will WORK better for generations yet unborn.


Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa and the largest black nation in the world.
Nigeria is the richest black nation in the world. Nigeria has everything that can make a nation rich and proud, we know these and we are really proud of these great things that God gave this nation.

Nigeria has the richest black heritage, the cultural diversity is sweet, the short story of Nigeria is that you can never get tired of this nation when you begin to research on it whether for good or bad, Nigeria is rich in everything.

We go on to consider the people of this nation, a people of great spiritual, mental and physical capacity, a people that continue to amaze the world with our power to distinguish ourselves as a rich proud people.

The sum total of the “thing” about Nigeria is that this is a deliberate handwork of the Almighty God and Nigeria and the people are simply marvelous and unique, and we know this.

We have come through a lot but have come to believe that the shining of the glory of this nation is for a time that the Lord Himself has patterned for the last days. We are seeing that the time has come that there must come a turn around of things in this nation Nigeria the manifestations of the blessings of God that are already deposited in both the land and the people.

We are proud to declare that the Lord has special interest for this nation and that is why Nigeria is still standing today.


The only problem that has consistently plagued this nation has been the problem of LEADERSHIP. This we did not consider to be vital, but now we see clearly that if this ever abiding plague is not adequately addressed and put under control, this nation is not going anywhere and not only this but that Nigeria as we see and know her will fall into ruins.

The problem of leadership is the only problem that we face in the nation Nigeria and the only way to tackle it is to set it out as a project. We call it,  NIGERIAN LEADERSHIP REFORM PROJECT.

In this project we are set out to do two things, which are:

  1. Identify the types of leadership problems, the causes and origin of the problems.
  2. The necessary solutions, preferred ways to apply the solutions.


We have launched this project and shall continue at it until there is success. For a good while there one would think that Nigeria will fall but for the intervention of God that kept it held up. Held up until the good people of Nigeria wake up.

Until you and I wake up to the realizations of the inevitable battles to apply the necessary solutions.

You see, like every other nation on earth, there are two forces operating (struggling) in Nigeria, the forces of good and the forces of evil, of the Light and of darkness. It only depends on which force take the early advantages to mount up the control of the government power positions. As you would know, whichever force that goes to control the government power positions determines what is obtainable in that nation.

This the cause of the tragic situation of Nigeria, this nation fell into the hands of wrong people too early in her youth.

Human beings are the physical agents of these forces either it is of the Light or of darkness. More so, if a bad man is left to live naturally, he lives in bad ways, you know what I mean.

We have been able to identify the problems, the types and their sources. We have also been able to design the adequate solutions, intervention strategies and application formulae for the success of the expected freedom from these agents of darkness.

There is a popular knowledge, which is garbage in, garbage out. This goes to mean that, the output or the final product of any machine or production agent is directly reflective of the raw materials. Simply to say that the outcome of the many years of trials and failures of this group of people in the administration of the Nigerian government goes to show the quality of human beings they are and not only that but it goes to show the kind of forces that are operational in them. To inspire and control them in their works as administrators of Nigeria.

There are no gainsaying in this, look at their antecedents, look at where they are today by where we are as a nation in the league of nations and by these their two positioning you can foresee where we will end up but remember, where they end up is where we will but God forbid.

Beloved, the project REFORM LEADERSHIP IN NIGERIA is on, join in.

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