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Fighting for a better, stronger, more prosperous Nigeria


By Dr Helen-Naomi Ndidi Godswill, December 31, 2016.

Nigeria is made up of the Hausa in the north, the Yoruba in the southwest and the Igbo (or Ibo) in the southeast. By 1906, Britain had virtually taken the whole region, dividing it into Southern and Northern Nigeria. These were brought together in 1914. Prior to their conquest by the Europeans, these ethnic groups had separate and independent histories. From these three ethnic groups: Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo came all the natives of Nigeria that make up the current thirty six states and numerous local government areas.

Nigeria is the most populated Country in Africa with a Population of about 184 Million. Nigeria has over 250 different ethnic groups, all with their own languages and heritage. In spite of our diversities Nigeria’s national motto since 1978 is “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress”.

The Prophetic Destiny of Nigeria

  1. Nigeria is God’s battle axe and weapon of war
  2. Men and women shall arise out of Nigeria as God’s chosen vessels to bring nations to Him.
  3. God has purposed to bless Nigeria in abundance
  4. Nigeria shall fulfill the counsel of God for the black race, the race that has been despised and enslaved. God will show forth His glory on the despised and enslaved.
  5. Nigeria is a chosen nation in God’s plan and not a despised nation
  6. Nigeria has passed through the valley of the shadow of death; Nigeria shall not die but shall live.
  7. God is going to change Nigeria to birth the next generation.
  8. God will uproot and dethrone the occult and will use Nigeria to heal the rest of Africa because what happens in Nigeria will affect the whole continent of Africa
  9. Nigeria is the light of Africa. she will illuminate the darkness that has characterized Africa as the “dark continent” and by her brightness darkness will be dispelled Over the nations Africa

Yet so much evil seems to be happening in Nigeria. We have been through hell. Suffering increasing daily and no one seems to know when all these will end. God says this year He is taking over Nigeria, beginning from today. 2017 is the year of the sword of God: judgment for the wicked that refuse to return to God and mercy for the nation and the repentant. God’s mercy is overriding every judgment in Nigeria.

We gave nick names to our 36 states including the federal territory Abuja God is now ready to make each state conform to the identity and character as we have named them. Hear God confirming

  1. ABIA you are God’s own State. The devil will not use you against God’s purpose for Nigeria
  2. ADAMAWA you are the Land of beauty you will glorify God with beauty
  3. AKWA IBOM you are Land of promise. You are blessed to birth the promises of God for Nigeria
  4. ANAMBRA you are Home for all. Anointed refuge city of God
  5. BAUCHI you are Pearl of tourism. Your gates shall be gates of righteousness, no unclean shall pass through you again
  6. BAYELSA you are The Glory of All Lands. You will not cause shame but through you the name of God shall be glorified
  7. BENUE Food basket of the Nation. The Lord is the Shepherd of Nigeria. No more lack, poverty and hunger
  8. BORNO you are Home of peace. The Prince of Peace reigns forever in Nigeria and peace is restored on the land. No more blood shed no more terrorism.
  9. CROSS RIVER The people’s paradise. Connected with God’s paradise of Heaven. Nigeria indeed shall be like the garden of Eden filled with God’s presence
  10. DELTA you are The Big Heart. The Davidic anointing is upon you for national worship
  11. EBONYI you are the salt of the Nation. You will never lose your taste and Nigeria is seasoned
  12. EDO The Heart Beat. You are now aligned with the heart of God. only God’s will shall be done in our nation
  13. EKITI Fountain of Knowledge. Receive wisdom from God
  14. ENUGU Coal City State. The hidden treasures are released for the world to see that God has blessed Nigeria
  15. GOMBE you are Jewel in the savannah. Arise and gain relevance. Nigeria is coming out of mediocrity
  16. IMO you are Land of Hope. God is now enthroned in the land. No more hope deferred. God is saying to Nigeria today Hope has come
  17. JIGAWA the New World God will judge all the idols. Jesus is Lord over Nigeria not the idols and the occult systems
  18. KADUNA Liberal State filled with the Spirit of God and drunk with God’s power
  19. KANO Centre of Commerce. You are delivered from mammon to bless God
  20. KATSINA you are the State of Hospitality. The mercy of God is upon you and spreading over the entire nation
  21. KEBBI you are the Land of equity. The Judge of the universe is your God. He reigns over Nigeria as our Judge, Law giver and King
  22. KOGI you are the Confluence State. Your foundation is rebuilt and founded on Christ. The river of life will flow through you to all parts of Nigeria
  23. KWARA State of harmony through the blood of Jesus Nigeria is reconciled to God. Harmony is restored in the nation
  24. LAGOS you are the Centre of Excellence. The Daniel anointing is activated upon you. The standard of God’s excellency is coming into the land of Nigeria 
  25. NASARAWA The home of Solid Minerals you shall abide under the shadow of God
  26. NIGER The power State. God is enthroned in your territory as the ALMIGHTY
  27. OGUN you are The Gateway State. Lift up your heads to the King of glory O ye gates. At this gate Nigeria declares the Supremacy of God
  28. ONDO The sunshine State. Arise and shine indeed and with healing wings the land of Nigeria is healed
  29. OSUN State of living spring. Connect with the river of life and honor God
  30. OYO The pace setter State. You are dedicated as first fruit offering unto God. Nigeria shall honor God
  31. PLATEAU Home of peace and tourism. Jesus is enthroned the PRINCE OF PEACE and peace is restored and sustained in Nigeria
  32. RIVERS Treasure base of the Nation. You will honor God and praise the Lord. The treasures hidden are revealed and the riches in secret places are made manifest in Nigeria
  33. SOKOTO Seat of the Caliphate. The gods that are no gods shall perish. The gods that did not create Nigeria will be judged and they shall perish
  34. TARABA Nature’s gift to the Nation. Every good and perfect gift is from God
  35. YOBE The young shall grow to be a holy state and Nigeria a holy nation
  36. ZAMFARA Family of our pride. You shall reflect the purpose of God in love. Nigerians shall live in love
  37. FCT Centre of Unity. No division. Nigeria shall remain united and One. Amen

Ten core values as stated in our national anthem, every Nigerian must embrace:

  1. Nigerians must arise to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign
  2. Nation building is a collective effort needed from each of us; everyone must contribute his/her quota. No more non challant attitude
  3. We must serve the nation with love, strength and faith with all our heart and might – no more compromise
  4. We must maintain the freedom, Peace and unity of Nigeria without jeopardizing the destiny of the nation
  5. We must pray to solicit the help of God for without God we can do nothing
  6. We must raise and teach our children to know the truth and live lives of honesty
  7. Our leaders must be honest and do right otherwise they are not qualified to lead us and will not be voted for in election
  8. We must love the nation, we must be patriotic and love one another, doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us
  9. We must stand for justice in every situation. Justice for all
  10. We must pursue and attain our great lofty heights

The six personal vows we make whenever we recite the pledge:

  1. Nigeria is my country
  2. I will be a faithful, loyal and honest Nigerian
  3. I will serve Nigeria with all my strength
  4. I will defend the unity of Nigeria
  5. I will uphold the honor, glory and integrity of Nigeria
  6. I acknowledge my help and ability to do these is from God and not idols, hence I declare “so help me God”

Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress are our motto. So my fellow Nigerians let us rise up in 2017 to defend our Unity, with Faith in the Almighty God who has arisen on our behalf to do what has been impossible with men, to restore Peace in the land and we will begin to make Progress again. God bless Nigeria. I wish you a happy new year.

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